What We Do

Store Planning
JDS creates a thematic experience for the consumer, by using spatial cues to entertain as well as entice the consumer to purchase goods and interact with the space. The success of store designs are not measured by design critics but rather the records of the store which compare amount of foot traffic against the overall productivity.
Interior Design
A simple characteristic of interior design involves decorating a spatial environment to create or enhance the quality of human life as well as your business philosophy. Other side of interior design requires a multifaceted profession such as conceptual development, liaising with the owner of a project & the management and execution of the design.
Custom Fixture Design
The fixture design is generally considered as a part of interior design. JDS proudly manufactures own fixtures for our clients by designing and customizing certain store fixtures.
We are committed to provide services from the inception to completion of a project including initial planning, organizing & utilizing available resources to assign, coordinate and manage workforces in compliance with safety and professional codes & regulations.
Trade Show Display (Show Booth Design)
The trade show industry always serves staggeringly wide and varied audiences. Although many industries have their own ways to present & display their products and also there are different reasons for many exhibitors to set up their unique show booths at a given trade show, JDS designs trade show booth and various displays to help your business earn more businesses to accomplish below 4 goals:
  • Increasing sales and reinforcing market share
  • Increasing share of customers and getting current customers to buy more
  • Introducing new products
  • Positioning or repositioning your organization, its brand and products